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“Bird of Happiness” is a toy made of wood in the shape of a bird. It's also called a “Pomor dove”. A wood chip bird is believed to be one of the most powerful charms in Russia; it is a household guardian that can drive out evil spirits, protect the family members from troubles and illnesses and bring happiness and prosperity to the house.

In olden times, the bird hung under the ceiling on a rope. When heating the stove, the airflow caused the toy to swing and turn. In each area of Arkhangelsk region, the toy was colored according to local traditions: in Mezen – in black and red; in Kargapolye – in red, blue and green; on Vaga – in red and orange; in Shenkursk – in olive and ochre…

Nowadays the “Bird of Happiness” is mainly used as a souvenir. It is made of pine, fir or spruce wood and without the use of glue or other fasteners, by carving thin petals for the bird's wings and tail and then using a special method of spreading and curving them.

Here you can watch the process of making this toy:

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