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Students of all forms of studying, students, clinical interns, clinical residents, post-graduate students, doctoral students, faculty, researchers, candidates for a degree, students of the Faculty of Postgraduate Studies, University staff have free access to the main types of library and information services:

  1. to receive full information about the content of library funds through the system of catalogues and files and other forms of library information;
  2. to receive any editions, unpublished documents or their copies from the library for temporary use in the reading rooms and on subscriptions;
  3. to receive consulting help in searching and choosing of printed works and other documents;
  4. to receive books on an interlibrary loan;
  5. to prolong terms of use of literature in accordance with the rules of subscription use.

(Extract from the Rules ofUse of Scientific Library of NSMU)

In the Hall of the Electronic Information (room 2313) the students can:

-Find places to work on computers provided with the Internet connection;

-Print or scan your documents;

- Get consultations and practical help with registration and the use of electronic library systems

- Attend theme-based training events and lessons where you can get important information on electronic resources, library databases and test accesses.

All the information on our training events can be found on the Library website in the NEWS section and on ourVK page.

We will answer your questions:

Phone:8 (818) 28-58-10,

Our VK page

Information for the first year students