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Dear students!

We are starting a new section PRO BOOKS to introduce you into the world of classic Russian literature.

On April 12th it’s 200 years since the birth of a great Russian playwright, the founder of national theatre, the author of 47 original plays - Alexander Nikolayevich Ostrovsky (1823-1886)

Today we offer for your attention plays “Without a Dowry” and “A Profitable Position” English translation and commentary is done by an American scientist, expert in the field of Russian language and literature Norman Henley.

Ostrovsky, A.N. Without a Dowry: book to read in English language / A.N. Ostrovsky, translated from Russian by Norman Henley. - St. Petersburg: KARO, 2020. - 256 p. - URL :

Photo: V.G. Perov. Portrait of A.N. Ostrovsky. 1871.

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