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 Kozoolya – Pomor Pryanik

It just so happened in the north, that people bake pryaniks (traditional sweet-baked goods similar to gingerbread) for New Year and Christmas holidays. The most popular shape of such pryaniks was that of a goat, a horse, a sheep, a cow or a deer, that’s why they are called kozoolya (from the Russian word “koza” – “goat”). It is said that kozoolya brings luck and can be a sort of an amulet.

Each shape has its own meaning. A cow is the symbol of fertility and good harvest, a goat brings prosperity and wealth, and a deer symbolizes happiness and longevity. A bird with nestlings, given as a present, means a wish of motherhood and health for the children.

Arkhangelsk kozoolyas are always dark pryaniks, prepared with burned sugar syrup with a lot of spice that give them unique flavor. Kozoolyas are decorated with icing made of whipped egg white with sugar powder and different kinds of natural dye.

First kozoolyas appeared on Pomor land many centuries ago. They are considered one of the oldest kinds of sweet-baked goods dating back to cult figurines of XII century.

Arkhangelsk kozoolyas are not only tasty, but also very beautiful. Our craftswomen create kozoolya masterpieces and participate in exhibitions. The most interesting examples you can see in Stepan Pisakhov museum and the Museum of Arkhangelskii Pryanik on Chumbarov-Luchinsky Avenue.

It is interesting that Stepan Pisakhov used to collect the recipes of kozoolyas and he baked and decorated them himself.

You can check the article “About Kozoolyas” by Stepan Pisakhov here:

from Pisakhov S. G. Fairy tales, Essays, Letters. / Russian North Series. – Arkhangelsk, North-West book publishing house, 1985.- 367 p. 

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