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Medical University
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Readers Registration

To register at the library readers present:
staff teachers and employees - a service certificate or a reference from the personnel department and  a passport;
doctoral and post-graduate students – an identity card and  a passport;
full-time and part-time university students – a student card and  a passport;
faculty training students and university lyceum students - a document confirming the terms of studying and  a passport;

By-working teachers, applicants of academic degrees, clinical interns and residents, doctoral students, post-graduate students, faculty training students are served only on pledge (higher education diploma);
students and pupils of other educational institutions and specialists of the city are served in the reading rooms on a paid basis or under contracts with the use of pledge;
university entrants and students of the university lyceum – on pledge and on a contract (paid) basis;
registration of first-year students of all forms of studying, post-graduate and doctoral students, applicants of academic degrees, clinical interns and residents, students of faculty training is based on the order of admission to the university or on lists from the deans’ offices and other departments of the University.

On this basis, they are given one whole library ticket, the readers’ record cards are filled in.  The library ticket is the only document giving the right to use the library.

While registering at the library, readers should get acquainted with the rules of library use and confirm the fulfillment of the commitments with their signature on library tickets and in the readers’ record cards.