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Medical University
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Library structure

Library   foundation has 448,834 copies and includes educational, scientific books, periodicals (newspapers and magazines), dissertation abstracts, study guides, bibliographies and medical literature in foreign languages (books and periodicals) and other publications.

The percentage the fund is distributed as follows: scientific literature - 38%, educational literature - 33%, and periodic information publications - 24.4%.

Annually, the library receives more than 6000 editions of books and magazines.

Service department carries the main load in providing students and teachers of literature through subscriptions and reading rooms. Structural units of service department are subscriptions (educational literature subscription, medical and natural science literature subscription, socio-medical literature subscription, inter-library exchange system) and reading rooms.

Student reading room (room 2305), the main hall of the library, offers readers literature of medical and science content (educational, scientific, reference materials, periodicals). Its fund is about 22 thousand books and magazines. If books are absent here, readers can order them from book storage. The annual number of visits to the reading room of the medical literature is more than 40 thousand people; the circulation is about 100 thousand copies. Book exhibitions are updated monthly in this hall.

Reading hall the socio-economic and humanitarian literature (room 2312) is formed on the branch principle. It contains books and journals on history, philosophy, political science, law, economics, local history and other topics. Book fund is more than 8000 books and journals. During the year the reading room serves 2300 readers, number of visits - 22 thousand people, the circulation is 38,000 copies of publications.

Reading hall for the academic teaching staff (room 2324) is created at the bibliographic reference department of the library. Bibliographic and informational editions (including abstracting journals, review and express information), monographs and books in foreign languages, literature on psychology and problems of higher education are collected in the department fund. Part of the fund is represented on the open access and available for the readers.

Operational assistance in the literature selection to the readers provide thematic catalogs: "Medicine of the North" (acclimatization and regional human pathology on the North), "Proceedings of the NSMU staff", "The educational process in higher and secondary vocational school", "Health Care Reform", "Family Medicine" and others. New editions are regularly presented at viewing exhibitions, specialist days, and days of the department.

Scientific Library takes an active part in conferences, seminars, "round tables", organized by the city libraries, supports business contacts with Russian State Library, National Library of Russia, State Central Scientific Medical Library, State Public Scientific and Technical Library of Russia, other organizations and information centers.

In the "The Great Universities Charter ", adopted at the Sorbonne, there was proclaimed the principle: " High School is an institution of reproduction and transmission of culture." All the library work is aimed at providing free and unrestricted access to information and keeping of its sources. The words of Dmitry Sergeevich Likhachev  have deeper meaning in this context "Library is the most important thing in the culture. There may be no universities, institutes, academic institutions, but if there are libraries, if they are not burned, not filled with water, have premises equipped with modern technique, culture will not die in this country".

We want to believe that in the XXI century library will be a real window into the world of enlightenment and immateriality, a model of intelligence and culture, a navigator in the ocean of information, a bridge between new technologies and a traditional library loved by people.

O. R. Kholmatova

Director of the Scientific Library of NSMU