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For Employees (Publications in the Russian Science Citation Index)

According to the letter of the Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation from 28.02.2012 32-3/270 and activities carried out by the Ministry to promote scientific research, in 2012 it is necessary to include the data of the Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI) in the annual reports of medical schools on research and development (R & D).

In this regard, the annual report on R & D of the departments of NSMU for each employee of the University (faculty, academic staff) must include information about the publication activity on the following:

  1. SPIN-employee ID (the authors) in the SCIENCE INDEX of the RSCI database

Explanation: SPIN-personal identification code assigned to each author after its registration in SCIENCE INDEX of the RSCI database

  1. Number of publications of the author in RSCI

    Explanation: The total number of authors publications, with bibliographic descriptions in RSCI.

3. The weighted average impact factor of the journals in which the articles were published;

Explanation: Impact factor indicates how many times on average each cited article has been published in the magazine for the next two years after the release. The weighted average impact factor of the journals in which the articles were published, based on the number of citations of publications with bibliographic descriptions in RSCI.

4. Hirsch index.

Explanation: The index Hirsch calculation is based on the distribution of citations of the author and is set to N, if the author has the N items, each of which is referred to at least N times and the rest of his article are not more than the number of citations N.

To get this information all the teachers and researchers of the University must be registered in the RSCI database, operating within the SCIENCE INDEX of The Scientific Electronic Library site eLIBRARY.RU (

An ability to obtain the correct information is provided by RSCI only if the information about the author in the database is complete and error-free. In this regard, all previously registered employees should verify their personal data contained in the authors personal files in the RSCI database:

Registration in SCIENCE INDEX database and the assessment of the author's publication activity with the help of SCIENCE INDEX

Registration in SCIENCE INDEX database RSCI is conducted on the site of the Scientific Electronic Library eLIBRARY.RU (

Instruction for authors about the work in the SCIENCE INDEX is here:

Russian Science Citation Index is an electronic online database of journal publications and their citations. Full bibliographic information on journal articles, abstracts and pre-article lists references cited there is processed in the database. Currently, the database is of 31,445 journals and of 15, 374,198 articles.

As a result of statistical calculations carried out by the RSCI database provides information on 27 parameters describing the activity of scientific research of Russian scientists and their citation degree. 4 of them are the most stable.

If you place the data in 4 figures in interdependent sequence, initially estimate the number of the authors publications in RSCI, then the number of citations of citations of the author to the total number of publications of these publications by other authors in their articles. The following figure is the impact factor, which is calculated as the ratio of the number of the author. Speaking about the impact factor of the journal, the figure is calculated as the ratio of links or citations of journals articles in other scientific publications in the list of RSCI to the total number of articles published in this journal. Thus, the impact factor reflects the level of demand, the popularity of periodicals and Russian scientists. The impact factor is calculated for a certain period of time after the publication of the article or the magazine. As a rule, it is 2 or 3 years.

The last in the chain of the main indicators is the Hirsch index - mathematical indicator proposed in 2005 by the American physicist Jorge Hirsch (University of San Diego, California). This indicator is an integral, math, and allows to estimate not only the number of publications of the author in the RSCI, the number of references to these publications by other authors, but also to evaluate the stability or reliability of citations, as the number of articles of the author with the same amount of citations of the other scientists is entered into the formula to calculate it.

Memo on the RSCI database

  1. Login to the Scientific Electronic Library eLIBRARY.RU (
  2. On the left, you will see the bottom of the "Navigator". Further work is carried out with the navigator.
  3. Getting a list of journals included in the RSCI database. You must be published only in journals included in the RSCI list. Only in this case publication activity indicators will be calculated. To do this online digital library, select the "Search History" in the navigator, fill in the query area and look at the appropriate scientific direction of the ones that come up. It should be remembered that the monographs, textbooks, abstracts of papers, conference papers are not recorded in the RSCI database
  4. In the list of journals selected by you make a choice in favor of those who have high publication rates. To get information about the rates of the publication of the journal, you need to pay attention to the quantitative indicators of the articles, impact factor (IF), the rates of citation of each periodical (figures placed in front of each journal). By clicking on the chart icon, you can get full information about the c RSCI itation index for each journal.
  5. In order to assess the publication activity of a particular author, it is necessary select "Authors", in the navigator, fill in the query area (enter only the name of the author, place of work, "Northern State Medical University" is selected from the list) and press search. The information about the number of publications of the author and quoting of these publications reveals. By clicking on the chart icon, you can get all the information about the indices of the authors publication activity, according to the RSCI database.
  6. To obtain information about the list of your publications, placed in the RSCI database, you need to register (registration is slightly higher browser). Get your username and password (following the instructions in the registration) and enter on your personal page. A personal page contains the information about the list of your publications and gives detailed instructions on completing and amending the list of the works.
  7. The Search of the scientists publications

The Search of the scientists publications in RSCI is possible by author, subject, title, organization, city, region, country. It should be kept in mind that the creators include translated articles from Russian and some foreign magazines that are reflected in international systems (Web of Science, Scopus, etc.) in RSCI. This can lead to some overestimation of the number of publications.

Since 2011, monographs, dissertations and thesis abstracts, patents, papers have been partly considered. The information about them is often extracted from the pre-article lists.

In 2009, the author had a new feature: "Analysis of the publication activity of the author" provides a variety of statistics on the number of articles and their citation. Since this feature is experimental, some indicators can be calculated incorrectly.

List of publications of each author is publicly available to all RSCI users. The registered author (system SCIENCE INDEX) with a list of his publications on the page gets possibilities to refine this list that are not available to other users.

Please note that in accordance with the Order of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation N 406 from 14.10.2009 the number of publications in the five years preceding the current year is taken into account in the analysis of publication activity

After starting the search of the author, a list of publications (column "Publ.") appears on the screen. By default, this list includes only those publications that uniquely identified by a system with the desired author ("fix" the paper.)

In order to get a more complete list of the works of the desired author, it is necessary to include the publication extracted from pre-article bibliography (indicated by an icon), and the publication of the authors namesakes, which are not identified as the work of the author (not attached to it), although potentially can enter the list of his works. To do this, click "Settings" to the right of name of the scientist, then under "Show" set "bound and unbound publication in a list"

Update the list by clicking <Search>. Create a text file.

Perform a search of the required authors publications for each year (out of five required), copying the relevant publications in the created file (duplication should be excluded).

Count the number of publications for each year and the final number.

If it is necessary, make a list (in the title indicate the surname and initials of the scientist, the name and the chronological framework of the used database, the final result, the date of the query, the name of the performer) and deliver it to the user.