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Medical University
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Extract from the Rules of Library Use

  1. If you receive any documents from the Library you should carefully review them and if there are any defects you should inform the librarian about it. Otherwise, the last reader who used books bears responsibility for the damage of the documents.
  2. Term of literature and the number of publications issued on subscriptions are defined by the library.
  3. For delay the return of documents without good cause within the prescribed period to  the library, a reader will be charged a penalty (Appendix 1.1)
  4. Readers, responsible for a loss or an unintentional damage of editions, should replace them with the same editions, or their copies, or with editions that are recognized equivalent by the library, and if you if it is not possible, readers should pay actual market cost of the publications.
  5. Readers should keep the Rules of the library use. Readers, who have violated the rules, or caused damage to the library, compensate it at the rate established in Appendix 1.1. In case of reader’s refusal to follow the library rules, he loses the right to use the library.